Sick be available to your Tumblr that have glamor screenshots and some RP relevant blogs

Sick be available to your Tumblr that have glamor screenshots and some RP relevant blogs

Together with most likely some homes articles while i decide to redesign you to definitely from my very own characteristics and you to owned by a great pal.

All of the EW stuff would be noted with #Endwalker and you will #Endwalker Spoilers. We firmly indicates individuals to filter out those individuals tags up to they are from the MSQ. (I am creating you to, as well. Until I have through tale.)

Sick end up being playing from the MSQ with the Mercer and on Machinist. This might started because the a shock to a few, but… Sage might be leveled next. I recently couldnt provide me to blow a great deal date grinding Bozja on my own to get to MSQ top into the sage. Therefore, going to get because of they for the Machinist immediately after which top Sage as a result of dungeons. Following, who knows? So, we shall come across.

I am therefore thrilled! I am hoping everyone else is delighted, as well! Ive got RP arrangements and you will raid agreements and you may coffee meets bagel… so many agreements!!

O – Organiser – How organized are they? Perform he’s people uncommon organisation systems? What might make them feel uncharacteristically (dis-)organized?

Dancer, Light Mage, Gunbreaker, and you may Summoner are common among the list of very early goals getting progressing

To start with browse, Mercer seems to be really dirty. His workspaces are incredibly messy. Paperwork, guides, magazines, ashtrays, and equipment litter essentially most of the flat work surface inside the workshop. That said, Mercer understands exactly where he leftover some thing. Performed the guy leave it up for grabs at an excellent forty-degree angle next to one blank coffee cup? They had yes ideal show up when he production because of it.

Very, I suppose the clear answer is that he or she is perhaps not prepared inside the the standard sense, but possess a steel trap from a memory space and will seriously think about in which the guy leftover things, therefore try not to reach some thing unless you can place them into the set they were left.

Whats its relationship with its gender?

As for what would stress him away and alter so it? Whatever create give up their recollections. Normally getting your, this is serious bed deprivation otherwise extreme fret. All of which can be pretty popular incidents having him.

FC Name: Mysterium, The Ivory TowerFC Tag: Leaders: L’yhta Mahre, Rosamund CartwrightOfficers: Anzu Sakata, August Mercer, Kellach Woods, Sasari Sari FC House Address: Plot 5, 24 Ward, MistsAge: 18+

Already based in the 24th Ward of your own Mists, but with their users discovered along the face regarding Hydaelyn, the fresh new Ivory tower seeks degree and you may magicks to make the globe a much safer, finest place for Her youngsters. Brand new mages away from Mysterium provides a straightforward charge: “to research, keep, and practice magic into benefit and you will service away from Hydaelyn and Their college students.”

In the game, Mysterium, brand new Ivory tower try a ranking 29 100 % free Team, molded during the 2013 towards the Balmung server. We run lore-compatible miracle and thrill RP having weekly story situations, slice-of-lifestyle RP from inside the day, RP roulettes, a dynamic and you may friendly pair of linkshells (IC and you can OOC), and you can a discord machine that people share with our nearest and dearest away from other RP teams. For those searching for blogs the help of its RP, i supply a regular stuff night and additionally post-hoc teams. We’re LGBTQIA+ friendly each other IC and you will OOC and always ready to let the newest players learn the mode and you will RP.

We’re constantly trying to fulfill new-people! To apply, please opinion our very own app rules ( When you yourself have questions or want to see and RP with our team, go ahead and contact any one of all of our officials within the game otherwise capture all of us a contact here with the tumblr.

An effective – Advocate – Just how do they let you know their help for others? Are there any factors that they in public areas support? As to the reasons? B – Boy/Woman – What exactly is its gender? Has so it changed over time? Why does their intercourse choose connect to its sex phrase? C – Caregiver – Just how can they give you/discovered proper care most readily useful? Carry out it take care of folks or perhaps some people? How do they reply to anybody in need of assistance? D – Manager – How much would they think the necessity to enjoys command over its life? Would they fork out a lot of energy telling anyone else what you should do or in addition they prone to become more acquiescent to help you someone else? Age – Entrepreneur – Just how do they generate money? Are they prepared to just take financial dangers?

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